Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Jewish terrorism" against Jews, courtesy of Israel's second Prime Minister

“After the British deportation orders] the Haganah General Staff took a decision at which their leaders shuddered. The decision was not to permit the Patria to leave Jaffa. The English must be given to understand that Jews could not be driven away from their own country [sic]. The Patria must be blown up. The decision was conveyed to Haganah members on the Patria and in the hush of night, preparations had begun for the execution of the tragic act. On Sunday, November 26, 1940, the passengers were informed by the English that they were being returned to sea. The Jews remained silent, save for a whisper from a man to man to go “up the deck, all up the deck.” Apparently, the signal did not reach everybody, for many hundreds remained below—never to see the light again. Suddenly an explosion was heard and a panic ensued. . . . It was a hellish scene; people jumped into the water, children were tossed into the waves; agonizing cries tore into the heavens. The number of victims was officially placed at 276. The survivors were permitted by the High Commissioner to land."

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