Friday, April 1, 2011

Platoon is a garbage movie with little more than military self-loathing.

How the fuck does this pass as an anti-war movie? Is this really the extent of our brave and bold anti-war entertainment?

There was one incredibly tragic scene that made up the best part of the movie, in which the platoon torches a village and some of them are complete assholes to the Vietnamese villagers. Additionally, the most depraved members of the platoon kill two Vietnamese and a pig without considering that the pig helps feed the village (open your eyes and ears dogmatic vegetarians). As a result, this clearly shows the brutality of our imperialistic war of aggression against Vietnam, but ultimately, the movie uses the incident to explore the depths of what war does to individual soldiers. Again, Platoon is a bunch of military self-loathing bullshit that prefers to explore the suffering of the poor, poor American soldiers in the war than it does the Vietnamese victims, who were far greater in number, and suffered far greater atrocities which included the horrors of Agent Orange and chemical warfare as a whole.

The tragedy, in short, ends up being the antagonisms between the platoon rather than the Vietnam War itself. The Vietcong are depicted as the aggressors due to their ambushes on the platoon, and the movie hyper-focuses on the Americans themselves. One part of the movie explores the unjust nature of the Vietnam War a little, wherein Chris (Charlie 'WINNING' Sheen's character) has sincere dialog with one of the more veteran soldiers. The veteran soldier expresses his doubts about his mission, and ponders whether it's time that America get its ass kicked for once. Wait, hold on a second. Did Vietnam bomb America? Why are we so fucking self-loathing about Vietnam just because we didn't manage to make it our proxy state? Somehow, I think the families who lost their homes and suffered napalm attacks felt a greater sense of "loss" than American civilians did at home, unless we're really that fucking self-loathing.

Oliver Stone, I like you and all, but Platoon is a shit movie that should never have won an Oscar. It had one tearjerking scene, but the rest of the two-hour movie was just garbage. You did better with Salvador.

Fuck American self-loathing bullshit.

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